Akhil Gujarat Tourist Vehicle Operators Federation


Our Achievements

  1. Represented against a very high monthly tax for 2X3 buses, got a reduction of more than 25000 rupees per bus per annum. 
  2. Once the state government made a notification not allowing the operators “NON USE” of the vehicle for more than a month. The organization had to fight for a long time in high court and finally could establish that the state government had no right to form such a rule. The whole law of composite tax had to be cancelled.
  3.  The above success was a land mark. But the government played a game and made a new rule, and gave effect form the date. So instead of refund the operators had to pay an unplanned back log. AGTVOF again fought and wor a relief of one year against six months back log. 
  4.  Represented again in the year 2002-03 and snatched a relief for 2X3 bus operators of Rs. 25000/- per bus per annum. 
  5. The tax was to pay on the last date of month for the forth coming month in advance. We represented and a grace period of 20 days was sanctioned. (but presently seven days)
  6. We could represented and convinced the government to collect tax against use instead of fix tax for eleven months. 
  7. All NON USE files were cleared positively. 
  8. Convinced the Government to refund the tax, if a vehicle travel out side the state for fifteen days or above. 
  9. Reduced tax of maxi-cab from Rs. 250/- per passenger to Rs. 100/- only. 
  10. Represented for against service tax levied from DAILY SERVICES and removed the tax. 
  11. On representation the Ahmadabad Municipal corporation had extended parking plot facility to us on a prime location for the day time. 
  12. Formerly sleeper coaches were not provided a national permit. Which the organization represented and started. 
  13. Again the national permits were issued transport commissioner office only. For operators out side operator it was difficult. We represented and the government negotiated the right to issue national permits to RTOs.
  14. The prestige of the organization has gone high to the level that our representative Shri Haribhai Patel is elected as the board member of All India Motor Transport Congress - west zone since last two terms, and recently formed India level Bus operators federation has appointed our Shri Meghjibhai Khetani as Vice President- west zone.