Akhil Gujarat Tourist Vehicle Operators Federation


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No Name Date Notifications By Download
1 Passenger Vehicle Instruction Notification 26/09/2018 Gujarat Government Download
2 Specific Constructional Requirements for Sleeper Coaches Notification 22/08/2019 Government of India Download
3 All India Tourist Vehicles Authorisation and Permit Rules 2019 Notification 23/09/2019 Government of India Download
4 Authorized and Permit Rules of All India Tourist Vehicles Notification 23/09/2019 Government of India Download
5 Notification for Public Circulation Guidelines for setting up & operation of AVSF in the Country 27/09/2019 Government of India Download
6 Round the clock Point Checking Notification 19/11/2019 Gujarat Government Download
7 Free if any technical error Notification 27/12/2019 Government of India Download
8 Toll Discount on Return Journey within 24 hours Notification 15/01/2020 Government of India Download
9 Specific Constructional Requirements for Sleeper Coaches Notification 03/03/2020 Government of India Download
10 Revision in Premium Rates for Motor Third Party Insuarance Cover for Financial Year 2020-21 Notification 05/03/2020 Government of India Download
11 36 berths capacity buses having national permit in Maharashtra Notification 07/03/2020 Government of India Download
12 Contract Based Non Used Carriage Buses Notification 25/03/2020 Government of India Download
13 COVID-19 Lockdown-4 Notification 18/05/2020 Gujarat Government Download
14 Transportation of Private Buses during Lockdown-4 Notification 24/05/2020 Gujarat Government Download
15 Notification for transmission of Corona Virus by social distancing after lockdown 01/06/2020 Gujarat Government Download
16 Notification for non used vehicles 04/06/2020 Gujarat Government Download
17 Gujarat Self-Reliant Package Notification 08/06/2020 Gujarat Government Download
18 Notification for advisory on extension of the Validity of documentsr relaxation in Permit 09/06/2020 Government of India Download
19 Tax Releif Notification 09/06/2020 Gujarat Government Download
20 Traffic Notification 16/06/2020 Gujarat Government Download
21 Notification for Vehical Transportation on Highway during 09:00 PM to 05:00 AM in Unlock -1 24/06/2020 Gujarat Government Download
22 Unlock 2.0 Notification 01/07/2020 Gujarat Government Download
23 Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Notification 02/07/2020 Gujarat Government Download
24 All RTO Fitness Instruction Notification 10/07/2020 Gujarat Government Download