Akhil Gujarat Tourist Vehicle Operators Federation


About Us

Akhil Gujarat Tourist Vehicle Operators Federation OR (AGTVOF) was earlier known as Akhil Gujarat Pravasi Vahan Sanchalak Mahamandal. The organization was founded on 26th March 2000, when meeting of all the tourist vehicle operators was held at Rajkot, and was registered as Non Trading Corporation on 3rd October 2000.

Since 2000 till day, AGTVOF had encountered very many struggles, facing unbearable increase in taxation, harassment from traffic department and police, hurdling work procedures and policies and so many others. Without a tinge of fatigue, the elected leaders fought against the problems. And in one matter the organization had to fight up to Supreme Court. This all could be done due to the extreme unity and active co-operation of the members through out Gujarat. During all these struggles AGTVOF never broke harmony with the system, that is a grand success.

We represent for all the members even for a minor problem, what so ever. We work quite transparently, and all activities are being carried out quite in a democratic way. The organization could bring following successes as shown in the achievements for their members during last fourteen years of service.

Above and over, we bought a new office in 2010 and yet newer office at prime location in 2014. This could be done because of the generous contribution of our honorable members. For and on behalf of all the members the AGTVOF thanks them all.

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